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gradumaction! and farewell!

Haha I like making up words.  Anyway, today was my last PT visit! *tear*  In the last 14 months (yes 14!) I have graduated from physical therapy TWICE!  Yikes!  I went to PT last year for 5 months because I started a week after my surgery.  I didn’t start going to PT right away this time because 1) my doctor really wanted my lateral meniscus to heal and 2) I knew the exercises I’d need to do.  Regardless, I went to PT for just about 3 months.  So let’s pray, sing a song, and do a little dance that I DO NOT INJURE myself again!  I’ve met some really cool people and learned some different exercises, so it’s a bittersweet farewell, but I’m really glad I’m healthy again!

I was actually looking at some old photos and got a little nostaglic thinking back to playing college basketball and being injury-free!  I also read an article in my parent’s local paper about a top notch high school soccer player coming back from an ACL injury, and was kind of thankful that this didn’t happen to me in high school.  It has sucked that last two years to go through this, don’t get me wrong, but my college experience would have been completely different had this happened earlier in my career.  I also believe in fate, things happen for a reason, so me injuring both ACLs means something, besides the obvious to take it easy for a while.

Many thanks to my readers over the past few months.  As I stated in my previous post, I got into business school, and classes start next week so my time should be spent focusing on that rather than maintaining a blog.  I have enjoyed every minute of writing on this blog - I never really imagined myself having one.  So to be corny like Julie Powell who ended her blog with “Bon Appetit”, my farewell words of wisdom, words I think I actually live by, shall come from none other than my favorite athlete, Michael Jordan (coincidentally, this blog was in existence for 23 weeks):

"Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation."

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this blog will self destruct in t-2 days!

Hahaha ok not really, but I only have 1….1 PT visit left!!  I’ve come a LONG way since April - I’ve had my surgery, not walked for 6 weeks, partially walked for 2 weeks, walked with crutches, walked without crutches, got into business school @ Stern part-time :), boxed up an apartment on the ground floor and moved to a new apartment on a 4 floor walk up, walked the hills of San Francisco for vacation, biked, jogged, and played softball!  Excuse me while I pat myself on the back, I think I’ve accomplished A LOT in less than 5 months since my surgery.

Last week I went to the gym or had PT 4 days in a row!  And guess what, this week will be 5!  I don’t think I was even doing that much exercise prior to my knee injury - I certainly was going a lot when it was prior prior knee injury (did you follow that…haha)!

New exercise at PT this morning was doing a grapevine or karaoke in a straight line.  Knee felt totally fine with that movement.  I’m hoping to find a bball court soon so I can start practicing my moves.  I don’t want to lose the touch ;)

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hello again

Hi blog world, I haven’t forgotten about you, just been very busy.  Let’s see, last post was after I played softball…I’ve done a fair amount of exercising since then.  Took the bike out for a spin over the long weekend - I really need to go for a long trail ride soon!  The knee felt good, although I would like to start going to spin to gain the strength to stand and pedal.  That is still unbalanced.  I also increased my jogging interval to 3 minutes jog / 1 minute walk.  The knee held up with the increased time interval, which I was a little surprised.  Also had a trainer appointment this morning, which was awesome.  The workout wasn’t too leg intensive which was good because I focus on the knee and core so much at PT.  My arms are like jello now so typing is tiring! haha

At PT I added in some straight line hops which, surprisingly, went really well.  I was a little hesitant because I hadn’t done too much jumping yet, but the knee felt normal! yay!  Have I mentioned that I feel really good? :)

I only have 3 PT visits left!

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this kid played softball

So 5 months ago I was supposed to be playing my first softball game of the season; however, I tore my ACL three days prior.  5 months later, and after many hours of PT, I played last night!  Knee was a little stiff after sitting all day at work, but felt good to be out on the field.  Fielding was good - no problems.  Batting was fine, except for the fact that I went 0 for 2.  First at bat was a blooper over second base, soo I got to first, but it was a force out at 2nd.  Second at bat was a strike out — because the stupid umpire called my 3rd strike on a ball that was at my shin…wtf!?!  Anyway, looking forward to more softball and jogging and cross training!  Definitely going to take my bike out for a spin over the long weekend!  YAY for sports!

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18 weeks!

So today is the 18 week mark and I feel AWESOME!  My left knee is much MUCH further along at 18 weeks than my right knee was at 18 weeks last year!  I did another interval workout last night at the gym - 1.5 miles in 18 minutes.  This is slow BUT it is an interval workout so walk/jog takes longer.  I told my PT about my progress and she wants me to try jogging for 3-4 minutes and walking for 1 minute.  Woohoo!

On another cool note, I did these lateral bounding exercises at PT this morning.  Basically, bounding (leaping) in different directions as far as one can reach.  It is pretty cool and my leg felt very strong doing it.  All in all my knee is feeling PRETTY FREAKIN GOOD! :)

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gym + jogging = AWESOME!

As promised, an update on my jogging experience.  I joined a new gym on Saturday (I love it there…must go tomorrow…US open tonight :) ).  I warmed up the knee on the elliptical because I didn’t see the upright bike until after I started.  After warming up and stretching a bit, I hopped on the treadmill and did a 12 minute interval.  2 minutes jogging @ 5.7 mph and 1 minute walking @ 3.7mph.  This pace was good to start, even though it’s soo slow compared to my 7+ mph  pre-injury(-ies).  Jogging actually felt really good — good core workout and my knee felt about 95%.  It was getting a bit tired towards the end, but I was determined to finish the 12 minutes.  I will be doing this workout 2 times a week until I reach the 5 month mark.  At that time I will increase the interval to 3-4 minutes of jogging (hopefully at a faster pace) and 1 minute of walking.

More to come…

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I haven’t worked out 3 days in a row…in more months than I can remember.  But Monday I went to the gym, Tuesday I had a personal trainer session, and Wednesday I had PT.  Can we say body is SORE (in a good way!).  My triceps are super sore because I must have ton a trillion pull downs and dips on Tuesday.  Why the trainer had me doing so much? I have no idea.  Anyway, the trainer was really cool - but too expensive for my already tight budget.  I will just have to kick my own butt at the gym I will soon be joining. Also, I did 2 one minute planks in addition to other ab exercises so my abs are rock solid and SORE.

At PT, I did my usual routine of leg stuff.  These exercises are still awesome and my PT changes things up here and there to keep my brain from guessing what I’m doing.  It’s great. We also talked about starting a jogging routine.  Going to start with 12 minute intervals, 2 times a week.  2 minutes jog, 1 minute walk.  I’ll let you know how that goes. :)

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gym-i-knee (cricket)!

Corny…I know, but I am so deal with it.  I went to a gym last night - first time since previous post on 4/28/09.  I did the elliptical for 10 minutes (first time in over 5 months since I did not use that machine once I hurt my knee).  The knee felt fine for the most part - there is a muscle that comes down your leg and wraps around your calf (I believe it is the ends of your hamstring muscle) that felt weak, but nothing abnormal.  I remember last year the same type of feeling.  Anyway, when I got home later, my knee cap was pretty sore so I iced and today it feels better.  It felt awesome to work out, even if it was for a short time!  I am looking forward to doing some more of that…haha.

Tonight I’m seeing a personal trainer at this place that only does 1-on-1 training.  Not sure I can afford this, but it’s a free first consult, and I’m curious to see what they have me do.

I plan on joining a gym by next week - waiting until we hit September (side note: how is it almost September?!? where did the summer go? :( ).  I’ll update again on how this training session goes.

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clear sailing!

My doctor cleared me for all activities! YAY!  He said take it slow getting back into things, and “have a nice life!”.  haha.  I really really hope to never see him in the context of his office, but wouldn’t mind running into him at church or around town at somepoint.  (I’ve known him for a very long time and played soccer with his daughter growing up)

I’ll continue my blog until I finish PT - I’ve got one month left.  Then I’ll resume to my very busy life and update as I see fit.  Thank you to my supporters!! (don’t “unfollow” me yet!)

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127 degrees!!! thats where I’m at…just 3 away from being equal to my right leg.  woohoo!  Had PT this morning and everything felt really good.  After this week, cutting down to 2 times a week.  The wheels are in a motion towards a full recovery.  Obviously not about to go run a marathon, but I’m making good progress! :)

Oh, and I did go for a 20 minute bike ride yesterday before it got to be like 100 degrees.  I may try a trail this weekend :)

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